Q. What is La Bombobox?
A. La Bombobox is a mystery box containing a surprise football shirt all the way from Argentina - give us your size and we'll pick the best T-shirt

Q. Ah those yokes, do we get free Haribo?
A. Unfortunately not, however there will be some little extras thrown in, including a very special gift from the Canchas of Buenos Aires...

Q. Sounds great, when is it available and how do I buy?
A. We'll be announcing a pre-order in the coming days and will release the first batch of Bomboboxes into the world for delivery early December. 

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Q. So how much will it set me back?
A. Price will be £45/€49 for you Bombobox including EU and UK delivery. That includes your surprise strip, a few extras and a special gift to celebrate the first batch of Bomboboxes.

Q. Fenomenal - will they fit me?
A. We have sizes S, M, L, XL and 2XL; and a couple of older kids sizes too. Most of the tops are true to size, Argentine shirts generally wear slightly larger/looser, but let us know if you like a flex - we have a couple of slim Ls for an M for example.

Q. Are you sure I can't find these cheaper online or in my local charity shop?
A. Yes! For many reasons, Argentine shirts are hard to find outside the country, plus the delivery costs are very high. So we're confident your surprise shirt not be popping up everywhere.

Q. So what kind of teams we looking at?
A. We've tried our best to get an even mix of bigger, more well-known clubs, and smaller leeser-known or provincial clubs. The shirt designs range from classy to zany, it's the luck of the draw!

Q. Will delivery take as long as Southampton's Atlantic voyage to the Río de la Plata in 1904 (5 weeks)?
A. We've pre-shipped the goods to the UK, so once the Bomboboxes are sent, they shouls arrive without much delay inside Europe. Covid-permitting.

Q. Can I exchange my Bombobox
A. Spoiled sport - unfortunately there are no returns, remember, life is like a box of chocolates...